Mount Fuji Dropouts – Wanna Be Close To You

Wanna Be Close to You is dedicated to all the house bound people of the world who are staying home and staying safe during the world wide covid-19 coronavirus pandemic! ❤️ Stay safe!

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Stay Chill ❤️ CHILLED LOFI

Stay Chill! Chilled Lofi

Mount Fuji Dropouts – Good Thing! New Chill Out Song

The exclusive world premiere of Mount Fuji Dropouts Good Thing just dropped on Chilled Lofi! Check it out!

Like rap? If you love the music of Arrested Development, The Fugees and Digable Planet you’ll catch the hip hop pop vibe and enjoy this beat.

It’s a poppy hip hop lofi song that has good vibes exploding from it! I hope you enjoy the track and the killer visuals exclusively on Chilled Lofi

*note this is the video for the extended full version of the song. It replaces the previous version which was just too short!

Stay Chill! Chilled Lofi

Meet Me At The Park by Mount Fuji Dropouts

This is personally one of my favorite tracks by Mount Fuji Dropouts. It’s called Meet Me at the Park.

It has a popular hit vibe to it like some of our favorite radio songs, but also has that chill lofi vibe. Have a listen!

Meet Me At The Park is a world premiere lo-fi instrumental song and video here at Chilled Lofi.

It’s a fun messed up lo-fi beat with a warbly wobbling lead line and haunting melody that will follow you around for days.

Enjoy the chill music!

Chilled Lofi drops exclusive world premiere lo-fi hip hop videos with custom designed and visually stunning art.

Exclusive Video: Have A Rice Day by Mount Fuji Dropouts

Here is another exclusive fresh lofi hip hop song video for you to enjoy from Mount Fuji Dropouts called Have A Rice Day.

Original New Music by: Mount Fuji Dropouts Original Artwork and Visuals by: Chilled Lofi

Why do we call this music LOFI???

Lo-fi music is not low quality music.

The recording techniques used by lo fi hip hop chill artists are usually cutting edge tech wise with intentional vinyl crackling, rain, field recordings and ambient soundscapes featured prominently within the lo fi songs.

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Mount Fuji Dropouts – Dreaming On a Saturday Afternoon

Check out this new Chilled Lofi Song from Mount Fuji Dropouts – Dreaming On a Saturday Afternoon exclusively on our Youtube Channel.

It’s got that summertime good feeling we all know and love along with that lofi grunge we crave.

We love lo-fi chill music and are here to help artists connect with an audience to satisfy the ever growing desire for great chilled music to relax with and enjoy while doing any number of things (not sleeping I hope)

Enjoy the music!

Stay Chill
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