Sake Bomb by Bentobox – New Lofi Hip Hop song

Another great new Chilled Lofi world premiere lo-fi hip hop song from Bentobox.

This song is called Sake Bomb!

I bet you’ll want to drink some sake bombs after you watch this cool lofi video featuring a sweet beat and amazing visuals!

Enjoy the music and don’t forget – stay chill! Chilled Lofi!

Stay Chill! Chilled Lofi

Shizuoka Prefecture by Bentobox

Rain. Waves. The Ocean. Chill out with this new lofi hip hop song from Bentobox called Shizuoka Prefecture.

Bentobox is Managed and Represented by Chilled Lofi Music.

Please direct all inquiries about Bentobox’s songs, music and performances to Chilled Lofi Music at

Original New Music by:  Bentobox

Original Artwork & Visuals by: Chilled Lofi

Our music sounds better! 💜 All songs in videos by artists and beatmakers on Chilled Lofi are of the highest possible production quality using the original master recordings or a high quality mixdown.

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She’s My Angel by Bentobox – Lofi Type Beat

More new lofi hip hop chill music!

Another artist we have exclusive tracks from is Bentobox!

This is the first song from them and it’s called She’s My Angel

The video is way cool! It’s one of our favorites yet! Enjoy!

Original New Music by: Bentobox Original Artwork & Visuals by: Chilled Lofi

Stay Chill ❤️ Chilled Lofi

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