About Chilled Lofi

Chilled Lofi is a project I started out of my love for new and original instrumental electronic music.

It’s mainly a Youtube Channel that features our own originally created videos with lofi hip hop songs and mixes.

My name is Mike and I myself am a computer musician and visual artist and through creating and posting videos with original music on Chilled Lofi I am able to combine my passions for creating new art.

Chilled Lofi is all about Lo-Fi hip hop jazz ambient electronic music & beats to relax study & chill out to.

Some of the music is my own, but a lot of the songs I am making videos for feature songs from musicians, beatmakers and producers who are submitting their music to Chilled Lofi.

Submit Your Music to Chilled Lofi

Basically if the music is good and fits the format of chilled lofi hip hop (and the many related sub-genres) I will create a brand new video for the song and post on the Chilled Lofi Youtube Channel as well as promote it here and on social media.

Chilled Lofi presents the best mix of Lofi hip hop jazz ambient electronic music & beats to relax, study & chill out to.