[Airplane Mode] by Jade Street.

This is one of my favorite videos for a song submitted by an artist!

[Airplane Mode] by Jade Street.

Jade says “It’s very melodic and it was inspired by The Legend of Zelda soundtrack.”

Whatever it was inspired by it turned out great and we love it!

We love to chill out and relax with some Lofi Hip Hop beats!

Sake Bomb by Bentobox – New Lofi Hip Hop song

Another great new Chilled Lofi world premiere lo-fi hip hop song from Bentobox.

This song is called Sake Bomb!

I bet you’ll want to drink some sake bombs after you watch this cool lofi video featuring a sweet beat and amazing visuals!

Enjoy the music and don’t forget – stay chill! Chilled Lofi!

Stay Chill! Chilled Lofi

stinsonbeach – Get Lit With Me – Lofi Hip Hop Song

This video rocks and matches the song perfectly! Check out the new song by stinsonbeach called Get Lit With Me

We enjoy making our videos and have fun preparing all the awesome visuals.

If you have a song or artwork you’d like featured in one of our videos we’d love to hear from you. If you think it fits the format of Chilled Lofi – send us your stuff.

Submission Info – Submit Your Music or Art

stinsonbeach is Managed and Represented by Chilled Lofi Music. Please direct all inquiries about stinsonbeach songs, music and performances to Chilled Lofi Music at artists@chilledlofi.com

If you're an artist, musician, beatmaker, producer and would like us to consider your music or art, send us an email with some info about you and links to some of your stuff. We might just make a video for you and post it on Chilled Lofi! Send an email to: artists@chilledlofi.com

They Stold My Laundry by Mount Fuji Dropouts

New Chilled Lofi song and video from Mount Fuji Dropouts called They Stold My Laundry

Can you imagine what it would feel like to be chilling at the Laundermat and waiting for your clothes to dry and only find out your undies have been stolen?

That’s the feeling conveyed in this song. Kinda sad but more like disbelief that someone would do such a thing as steal laundry.

Just one of the many songs we have from Mount Fuji Dropouts that we will be dropping here at Chilled Lofi 2019!

We are into dreamy instrumental chill indie lo-fi beats and electronic music similar to chilledcow, inyourchill, chillhop and college music.

Some call it study music to relax and chill out to, but we like to think it’s more than just background music.

Certainly it’s too good to sleep to – but hey – if you must sleep – do it with Chilled Lofi playing!

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Mount Fuji Dropouts – Dreaming On a Saturday Afternoon

Check out this new Chilled Lofi Song from Mount Fuji Dropouts – Dreaming On a Saturday Afternoon exclusively on our Youtube Channel.

It’s got that summertime good feeling we all know and love along with that lofi grunge we crave.

We love lo-fi chill music and are here to help artists connect with an audience to satisfy the ever growing desire for great chilled music to relax with and enjoy while doing any number of things (not sleeping I hope)

Enjoy the music!

Stay Chill
Chilled Lofi



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