New Chill Music to relax with by Dinner Combination 6

New song by Dinner Combination 6!

Song composed and produced by Mike Liebner as Dinner Combination 6!

The beautiful sounds of a well recorded Felt Piano and Spacey Synth from Sample Skull with minimal effects in Native Instruments Kontakt, along with those tasty free PINK Drums from AnyDayLong


I hope you enjoy the chill music!

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New lo fi song Kick Back by Dinner Combination 6

The new song from Dinner Combination 6 just dropped on the Mellow Kitty Channel on Youtube. ♥ Check it out and chill!

Mellow Kitty Lo Fi Chill Music features a wider variety of styles of original instrumental electronic music. It also has some wicked long lofi chill jazzy mix tapes filled with fire beats to relax to.

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Stay Chill! Chilled Lofi

Optimism by Dinner Combination 6

A positive and uplifting lo-fi chill beat from Dinner combination 6.

A little jazzy and a lot of dreamy make this track  relaxing and just right for any occasion!

We love to chill out and relax with some Lofi Hip Hop beats!