Fresh new 1 Hour Lofi Hip Hop Mix on Mellow Kitty

Another great new mix session featuring some of the best classic lofi hip hop songs along with fresh new beats to make this perfect for relaxing and studying!

Bookmark this video! It’s something you can come back to again and again to enjoy some fantastic mellow chill music!

Featuring music by:

sleepy fish



Mount Fuji Dropouts










a boy with a balloon

city girl

blnkspc_ B-Side

blnkspc_ TESK



barnes blvd.




carlo frick

Chilled Lofi drops exclusive world premiere lo-fi hip hop videos with custom designed and visually stunning art.

Optimism by Dinner Combination 6

A positive and uplifting lo-fi chill beat from Dinner combination 6.

A little jazzy and a lot of dreamy make this track  relaxing and just right for any occasion!

We love to chill out and relax with some Lofi Hip Hop beats!

Liquor Store Was Closed by stinsonbeach – New Lo Fi Hip Hop Song

New chill song by stinsonbeach called The Liquor Store Was Closed.

Have you ever wanted to buy some booze but all the dang liquor stores were closed – or maybe the sale of liqour was not allowed? Well this song is for you (and me!).

This is just one of the many lofi hip hop videos we have created here at Chilled Lofi.

We make videos for music we love!

If you have a song you’d think would be good for our channel – please let us know about it!

Stay Chill! Chilled Lofi

Relaxation by the Mount Fuji Dropouts

The new chilled lo fi super group Mount Fuji Dropouts has another fresh new chill out song for us called Relaxation.

It is Always a Good Time for ⛩️ Relaxation… right?

This song is presented with a visually stunning and very relaxing video backdrop of cherry blossoms at a Japanese villa.

Beauty abounds. Chill out a bit and relax some. It’s good for you!

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She’s My Angel by Bentobox – Lofi Type Beat

More new lofi hip hop chill music!

Another artist we have exclusive tracks from is Bentobox!

This is the first song from them and it’s called She’s My Angel

The video is way cool! It’s one of our favorites yet! Enjoy!

Original New Music by: Bentobox Original Artwork & Visuals by: Chilled Lofi

Stay Chill ❤️ Chilled Lofi

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