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Submit Your Music – Submissions for Chilled Lofi Youtube Channel

*NOTICE Dec. 9, 2020 -Just a heads up to let those of you who are interested in submitting your songs know that we are way behind in reviewing submissions.

Frankly, the amount of song submissions are overwhelming. We get so many it’s hard to keep up with them. A lot of the songs are GREAT and on target for our format – but a lot of the submissions are not even close to the LOFI CHILL GENRE.

We do not feature songs that are HEAVY on VOCALS.

PLEASE – before you submit your songs LISTEN to the Chilled Lofi channel and make sure your songs fit our format.

Only submitting songs that are LOFI CHILL format will help a lot! That way we can get through checking out submissions faster and drop videos more often with less PAIN in the process 🙂

Thanks for understanding!

I’m always looking for new Lofi Chill songs to make videos for and feature on Chilled Lofi! I’m also always looking for new art to feature!

If you’re an artist, musician, beatmaker, producer and would like us to consider your music or art, send an email with some info about you and links to some of your songs, art etc.

Send email to:

You can also use our CONTACT FORM if you prefer.

Instrumentals only please (light vocals might be ok but no songs with singing please).

IMPORTANT: You must own the copyright and the songs must be CONTENT ID safe!

If someone is going to make a copyright claim, we can’t make a video, and if claimed can’t keep the music on the channel.

What kind of music?

Lofi Hip Hop Chill Music. A wide variety of sub-genres considered.

Stop by the Chilled Lofi channel and watch and listen to a few videos to get a feel for the kind of music we like to drop on the channel.

Chilled Lofi on Youtube

Here is one of the videos we just made for a recent submission:

If we decide to make a video and post the song on the channel, we’ll need to get a high quality version of the song (24 bit or 16 bit wav or aiff file – sorry – no mp3’s accepted).

We also make LONG MIX VIDEOS with lots of songs.

There are no charges or any obligations for us to make videos and feature your music. All we ask is that you only submit music you own and have rights to, and give us permission to use, so we don’t get any copyright claims.

Otherwise we’d just go out there and snag music like everyone else does without getting permission.

That’s not what we do.

We only feature music that is copyright cleared with permission from the artists and copyright holders.

I’m looking forward to hearing your music and promoting it on the Youtube Channel!

Stay Chill!

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