New lofi song ring finger ❤️ Strange Light

We just added a new video we made for a song submission from ring finger. It is called Strange Light. Hope you like it!

This one is going to stick around in your head after listening. That’s ok – just play it a few times! That’s what we do!

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New Channel Alert! 4K SUPER HD Videos!

We’re excited to announce the launch of a brand new channel on Youtube called 4K SUPER HD

4k Super HD

The channel is brand new, but rest assured we have plans to pimp it out with amazing visuals! Not just any visuals, but incredible footage all shot at 3,840 x 2,160 60 fps high resolution otherwise known as 4K Ultra HD.

There will also be 1,920 x 1080 60 fps versions posted for those who do not yet have a 4K tv or monitor.

Stay tuned! More info and links to videos to drop soon! Thanks!

Chilled Lofi Youtube

Mount Fuji Dropouts – Good Thing! New Chill Out Song

The exclusive world premiere of Mount Fuji Dropouts Good Thing just dropped on Chilled Lofi! Check it out!

Like rap? If you love the music of Arrested Development, The Fugees and Digable Planet you’ll catch the hip hop pop vibe and enjoy this beat.

It’s a poppy hip hop lofi song that has good vibes exploding from it! I hope you enjoy the track and the killer visuals exclusively on Chilled Lofi

*note this is the video for the extended full version of the song. It replaces the previous version which was just too short!

Stay Chill! Chilled Lofi