Mount Fuji Dropouts – Wanna Be Close To You

Wanna Be Close to You is dedicated to all the house bound people of the world who are staying home and staying safe during the world wide covid-19 coronavirus pandemic! ❤️ Stay safe!

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Stay Chill ❤️ CHILLED LOFI

Stay Chill! Chilled Lofi

New Lofi Song by Yugs called Bath!

We just posted the video we made for the song submission from Yugs. It’s called Bath and we think you’re going to like it! We do!

This song was submitted to us. We love to hear your music – especially if it fits our format of lofi hip hop chill music!

Send us your songs if you think they would fit!

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Chilled Lofi is here to help spread amazing chill music

New lofi song ring finger ❤️ Strange Light

We just added a new video we made for a song submission from ring finger. It is called Strange Light. Hope you like it!

This one is going to stick around in your head after listening. That’s ok – just play it a few times! That’s what we do!

Chilled Lofi is here to help spread amazing chill music